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Team Instructional Programs

“Learn from those who have played or been involved at the highest level”

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Each program is taught by GBG Professional Certified Instructors with an area of focus in hitting, pitching, catching, defense & game situations.


Select/Competitive Team Instruction Program
12-15 players/1.5 hr workout – Pitching/Catching/Defense & Hitting
“Individual instruction within a group or team setting.”


2 GBG certified instructors lead 12-15 players through a progression-based instructional program with the support of a select/competitive team’s coaching staff. In this setting the team goes through a circuit of appropriate drills and situations to help enhance their area of focus.

Each player spends adequate 1-1 time with the professional instructor to identify, diagnose, and offer solutions to help the player’s performance. Mental, physical, and emotional teaching techniques are used to close the gap between performance and potential. Introducing the pressures (perceived or actual) of live game situations, helps prepare each player to understand his/her role and execute the required responsibilities for the success of the team. Learning to perform for your team, coach, and organization will produce solid individual results in the end.

Sessions are 1.5hrs/workout and 4 weeks in length

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“Individual instruction within a group or team setting”




Los Angeles Dodgers
Elysian Park LLC
GBG Marucci

Team Sports Admin
FLOW Mental Skills Training
Paragon Studios – Advanced Media/Video

GBG Training Academy is the official youth and HS training & development company partnered with the LA Dodgers! Progression based curriculum has been created in partnership with current and former MLB players to enhance every participants individual and team experience. GBG Academy specializes in position specific skill training development, mental/emotional development, Speed/Strength & Agility, Baseball IQ to speaking engagements educating current MLB players on identity, overcoming fear and life after baseball/softball.



Instruction program is a progressive based curriculum developed by educational professionals complete with data tracking and information/oversight from MLB orgs such as the LA Dodgers. Notable MLB legends provide information, insight and direction for each specific area of skill or mental development. Example: Hitting & Infield – 6x MLB All Star Nomar Garciaparra. Strength/Agility/Speed/Nutrition – Brandon McDaniel – LA Dodgers MLB strength coach.



GBG has employed the most highly qualified instructors from across the country. GBG instructors have dedicated their lives to the impact of young men and women through sport. Instructors are employed into their chosen profession. Playing experience is a must with GBG where instructors have lived what every kid is dreaming about! Our staff is comprised of former MLB All-stars, MiLB, D-1 All Americans, Team USA players & coaches, Golden Spikes finalist, Pac 10 players of the year, MLB Scouts, NCAA CWS champs & MLB Strength Coaches.



Instructors: Teachers. Instructing from a position of experience. Continuing own education to perfect skills.

  • The “what” Hitting, defense, throwing, pitching, game situations etc. are taught by experts in mechanics.
  • The “when” The precise timing needed to make an action happen. Fraction of a second determines success or failure in this game. Instructors can easily spot and fine tune when an adjustment is needed.
  • The “why” The reasoning behind the “what” and the “when” (based on knowledge and experience).

According to Bloom’s Taxonomy, teaching is the highest classification of behavior important to learning. Really, consider this: upon mastering a skill, you must be able to both communicate it and ensure your student understands & applies!

We firmly believe the value in what you pay for is found in the impact and experience from the instruction provided by our professionals in addition to the coaches and team managers. Game coaches/managers are there to reinforce actions/movements/verbiage, situations etc.

Coaches/Managers: Foster relationships to motivate and inspire plus situational baseball reinforcement

  • Set Goals and objectives
  • Adjust to game situations
  • Motivate

Powered by GBG team coaches/game managers are partnered with NPA staff to produce a quality environment for the team in a competitive situation; whether at practice, in a game or any other event.

  • Each has “bought in” to the GBG system & philosophies/game situations/mechanics so that they reinforce what the instructors are teaching.
  • They have a passion for learning to increase their own knowledge base/skills as a coach.
  • They have a will and desire to create the optimal learning environment for players to progress

Finding elite instructors, competent & educated coaches & managers should be the focus of all players/parents

GBG Instructors are true professionals, as full time employees, they continue to improve, educate and develop their teaching techniques to maintain GBG Instructor certification. They have dedicated their lives to develop, train and mentor young men through baseball. Instructors evaluate, synthesize, and analyze baseball information for all players. They diagnose problems and offer prescriptions to them, not simply communicate the errors.

  • GBG has more collective experience in its 20 instructors than ANY other program in the United States (yes, we did the math):
    • High School: 78 years
    • College: 120+ years
    • Professional: 125+ years
    • Instructional: 137 years


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